GROWTH HORMONE Pills – Myths and Truths

When scientists found out that human growth hormone (HGH) can reverse the aging process, manufacturers dash to produce their own version of an HGH supplement. This is followed by intensive advertising of the product. Indeed, human progress hormone supplementation has already been proven to reverse the aging symptoms. But that is not mean that every product on the market that claims to contain HGH is actually effective. Many of these products are not even well worth out of pocket in conditions of effectiveness. They only make false promises and attract consumers into believing that such product work. GROWTH HORMONE pills are among the HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE products that don’t really have beneficial effects. HGH pills are endorsed as an anti-aging product that could slow down the process of aging. Such false advertising can draw crowds to buy HGH pills, but consumers would only conclude spending for something that will not really provide them with their expected benefits.

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The Myths

You should not allow yourself be fooled by misleading manufacturers. It is likely that you would be victimized by false advertising if you do not understand how HGH pills work. Often, manufacturers claim that HGH Pills contain sufficient amount to HGH to bring out the beneficial anti-aging and body building effects. However, such state is nothing but pure deception. HGH pills do not really contain high degrees of HGH. In reality, the amount of HGH it contains is merely equal to the total amount we can get from eating meats and other protein products.

HGH pills may be proclaimed as the fountain of youth, which it can deliver all the great things about HGH such as reducing body fat, increased strength, more energy, better sleep and improved pores and skin texture. But then again, the small level of HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE contained in HGH is not the same as the hormone made by the pituitary gland. Though, it may boost the levels of HGH a little, the effects would never be the same as the natural hormone. More importantly, being from an outside source, HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE pills may cause adverse side effects.

The Facts

Researchers claim that HGH pills are not best method to deliver HGH into the body. That is, their ingredients could be destroyed during digestion. Thus, the little amount of HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE it contains may be digested in the process. Therefore, the promised benefits would never be provided. Recently, scientists are stating that stimulating the pituitary gland to increase production of the hormone is the better way to address the problems with aging. This was also suggested that HGH spray is the best delivery method for its essential ingredients. The ingredients in an HGH spray avoid the digestive process because they are delivered straight into the bloodstream through the oral mucosa.

Opting for natural production of the hormone ensures benefits. Regardless of whether you are following the age reversing or the bodybuilding advantages of HGH, you should pick an HGH spray that contains HGH precursors such as amino acids. Essentially, an HGH spray containing arginine, lysine, valine and isoleucine will be the most effective HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE product.


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